Best Places to See
in Russia: 2024

russia 2024

As the biggest country in the world, Russia has a lot of interesting sights to offer even to the pickiest of tourists. With a Russian visa, one can indeed see a formidable number of locations both natural and man-made.

However, some sights are best seen at specific times, and that’s to say nothing of the events that take place across Russia’s vast area! So let us delve into the specifics of when to go and where.


To start the year on a strong note, why not make the best of the famous Russian winter at the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort? This is the biggest and most modern place in the country for all skiing, snowboarding, etc. lovers.


For something truly unique, try Karelia. This region provides some very nice and relaxed vacations and is especially pretty in the colder weather.


The first week of March will see the World Youth Festival in Sochi – an interesting event that is sure to attract a lot of young people.

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The Intervals movie and musical festival will take place these months in Nizhny Novgorod is sure to be a massive draw for all the cinema fans.


A riverborne journey on the Volga is at its best during approximately mid-year. You will see a ton of locations, the most important being the great river itself.


In the Moscow Oblast, a traditional riding and generally horse-related festival Ivanovo Pole will take place. The last ones were a lot of fun, so why not check out this one?


When the Black Sea gets substantially warm, a visit to the beaches of Sochi is almost a must. It usually happens by August.

Best Places to See<br>in Russia: 2024 2


For September, any sport aficionado should visit Moscow where the World Friendship Games will be held, containing tournaments in 33 athletic disciplines.


The golden fall is the best time to have a tour of the Russian midlands such as Boldino, the home for the famous poet Alexander Pushkin.


In Russian classical literature, Saint Petersburg is often described as foreboding and gloomy. Even though today it is anything but, visiting it in autumn will allow for some very unique vibes.


By the end of the year, all places in Russia start preparing for the holiday season, but the most crucial to visit is, by far, Moscow. It can get crowded these days, but it is still worth visiting! The Red Square on New Year’s Eve is a total must-see!

And all that can be observed with a single Russian visa which Smart System Holidays LLC has a rich experience helping tourists obtain. Besides, we also provide visa services for the Schengen countries such as France, Germany, Greece, and more. Contact us, and let’s start working on your perfect holiday!

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