UK Visa

950 AED

We provide support services for the following:

  • Standard Visitor visa – valid for up to 10 years – processed after submission within the period from 2 working days to 7 weeks, however some applications might take longer.

According to the law, you can stay in the UK for no more than 180 days per visit. Furthermore, if you visit the UK regularly you can choose to apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa instead.

  • UK tourist visa – 6 month – 950 AED
  • UK tourist visa – 2 years  – 2350 AED
  • UK tourist visa – 5 years – 4150 AED
  • UK tourist visa – 10 years – 5300 AED


How we help you with the UK visa

Smart Holiday Systems LLC guarantees that the process of obtaining a visa to the United Kingdom will be as simple and fast for you as possible. Our expertise allows us to eliminate the possibility of your submission getting rejected thanks to:

  • We fill the application with zero errors on the first try.
  • We verify and double-check all of your documents.
  • We give you a rundown on the common questions during the interview.

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Required documents for a visa to the UK:

  • Passport (original) – needs to be valid for 6+ months and have at least two blank pages
  • UAE residence visa – valid for 4+ months
  • No-objection certificate (NOC) from your employer – issued within a week prior to the submission of the application
  • Account statement from your bank (original) for the past 6 months – issued within a week prior to the submission of the application
  • Trade license (copy) – for business owners or partners
  • Invitation letter (if applicable)

Additional documents needed for minors (under 18):

  • Birth certificate (copy in English)
  • Parents’ passports (copies)
  • Custody documents signed by a parent who does not accompany the minor (in English)

This is a non-government site and whilst every endeavor is made to ensure the information is correct and up to date, there may be changes which we are not aware of. It is always a good idea to check the latest regulations. You should confirm details with your local Australian Consular Office.


Do I have to personally visit a UK embassy?

Yes. It is needed for collecting your fingerprints, which is required for the visa.

I have a family in the UK. What is my course of actions?

You should mention it in your application.

How much money do I need to have on my bank account for my application to be approved?

There is no single answer, but the general rule of thumb is that you should have around 300 GBP per day of stay.

How long will processing the visa to the UK take from Dubai?

It depends on the amount of people travelling and how busy the embassy officials are in general, but the timeframe of around 3 weeks is considered reasonable.

How far in advance do I need to apply for a UK visa?

No earlier than 3 months before you want to make the trip (and no later than 2 days).

How hard is the interview for the visa?

It can be a little bit tricky, but it’s nothing preparation can’t overcome. We will help you with that, too.

How far should my bank statement go?

It should be for the past 6 months.

Can I obtain a visa to the UK online?

It is possible to do so, including payment.

Why can my application be rejected?

The most common reason is that the provided documents are somehow not in the right order. Other causes may include insufficient funds, or not following regulations during the past visit.

How can I prove my English skills to get a UK visa?

IELTS results will confirm your skill level.

Am I subject to a criminal check?

When applying for a UK visa, the officials responsible will run a background check to make sure you have no prior criminal record in their country.

Is biometrics necessary for a UK visa?

Yes. Without biometrics, you will not get one.

Can I visit other European countries with a United Kingdom visa?

While a UK visa grants you permission to enter the United Kingdom specifically, having it increases your chances of obtaining a Schengen visa, too.

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