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Ah, Europe! The Old World whose long history has made the continent interesting to pretty much every tourism independent of their preferences. A large part of the attraction to us travellers specifically is the Schengen Agreement which simplifies getting a single European visa and being able to visit a multitude of countries significantly.

In fact, there is so much to see in Europe that a guide is in order to help you discover the locations that would fit you the best. Read on, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about visiting Europe in 2024.


France could be the first country that comes to mind when you are thinking about going to Europe. It’s one of the largest ones with a lot of cultural baggage that is simply impossible to stay away from in our day and age of instant communication and globalization no matter where in the world you live – and how hard you try.

A French visa will give its holder a ton of benefits in terms of travel. Let’s list just the coolest/most must-see ones of them.

The Eiffel Tower

Quite a contentious structure at the time of its construction, the Eiffel Tower has since entered the global consciousness as the symbol of France. Today, when one visits Paris, there’s no excuse not to see it – or to climb it, if you are not afraid of heights!

Mont Saint-Michel

Although the origins of this island castle in Normandy (that totally wouldn’t look at all out of place in a fantasy movie!) are religious, today it is a great place to visit for people of all denominations and creeds.

The Alps

The French Alps are a superb place that attracts thousands upon thousands of skiers and other winter sports aficionados annually. According to the professionals, many slopes here are unrivaled in Europe and even the world. Whether you are a professional yourself or just a lover of fast-paced sliding down picturesque mountains, the Alps are sure to leave you wanting more!



Germany is a land that has historically been the heartland of Europe. One may say it is the birthplace of a lot of European traditions in both the cultural and political senses. In the Middle Ages, for example, it was one of the world’s only quasi-democracies (even though only very powerful people were able to vote for the next emperor).

Today, Germany provides tourists with a wide array of attractions of all shapes and sizes. By getting a German visa, you will be able to see such sights as:

Neuschwanstein Castle

When you first look at the facade of Neuschwanstein Castle from afar, there is a strong association of this amazingly beautiful structure with a toy. It does look like something out of a fairytale – but it’s completely real and serves as a fantastic reminder of the human engineering genius.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest or, in its native tongue, Schwartzwald, is home to the incredible vistas and Germany’s best and most impressive waterfalls.

Nowadays, the Black Forest is not as dense as it used to be: ski resorts are present here as well as recreation areas and even an entire amusement park. The lakes of the Black Forest have crystal clear water, and numerous divers flock here for spearfishing – the deep lakes of Schluchsee and Titisee are especially popular.

Berlin Museum Island

On the Spree Island right in the middle of the German capital is located arguably the largest quantity of museums per square kilometer in the country. The history of this complex dates back to 1797, when the idea arose of creating a museum here to exhibit ancient collections and art objects of the Middle Ages.

The UK

One of the most influential countries in terms of culture and governance, the UK, in the face of its relatively small size and insularity often seen with island nations, remains a great place to visit with plenty of diverse and interesting things to see.

Smart System Holidays LLC provides aid with obtaining UK visas for individuals, and trust us – you won’t regret getting one!

The city of Bath

Bath is often referred to as the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. It is a gem of Georgian architecture and Roman history and a popular destination for both local and international tourists. Bath is best known for the Roman baths that have been preserved here (hence its name). So if you are looking for good spas, this is the place for you.


Cambridge is more than just a legendary university, but also stunning medieval architecture, blooming gardens and wonderful museums. Chief among them is the famous Fitzwilliam Museum, home to the impressive archaeological and art collections of the University of Cambridge.


The capital of Scotland is famous for many things: its beverages, its architecture, being essentially the cradle of modern medicine (especially surgery). The city’s fortress atop an extinct volcano known as Castle Rock, the ancient streets of the Royal Mile and the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens are just some of the attractions which one has to see here.

The UK

Loch Ness

Everyone has heard of Loch Ness thanks to the legend of the monster that lives in its depths – this is already enough reason to come here at least once. However, no less important are the surrounding wild landscapes and the nearby Urquhart Castle, the ruins of which date back to the 13th-16th centuries. In addition, Loch Ness is the largest lake in Scotland by volume of water.

Giant’s Causeway

Few places are as stunning as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It is a stretch of coastline made up of more than 40 thousand interconnected basalt columns of an unusual hexagonal shape, resulting from a volcanic eruption. According to legend, the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill used these pillars to build a road to Scotland to fight his enemy Benandonner. Walking along the Giant’s Causeway feels like exploring another planet.

Europe certainly remains a very desirable tourist destination in 2024. All that separates you from enjoying these sights and many more is the visa – which we will be happy to help you get! Just hit us up, and we’ll start working on your case.

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