Luxury Tours to Russia:
What to See and Do


While we provide Russian visas of all kinds, what warms our hearts the most is when people can spare time to go on a pleasure tour there. Although it is possible to see some of the sights and get some enjoyment out of a business trip, it is bound to be constrained by time limits and stress, thereby somewhat offsetting the good impressions.

So for those who want to go on an unforgettable journey to the Russian Federation, we provide exclusive luxury tours aimed at giving the best experience possible.

Unique and luxurious places to visit

Our clients in the UAE are hard to surprise, so a tour must be really something else. We strive to show you the most interesting and even alien places in other countries so that you get the best estimation of how life really is there. At the same time, our other top priority is giving you the most comfortable and suitable experience.

Here are several suggestions for Russian luxury tours for you:

The mysteries of Moscow

It’s hard to appreciate a country without visiting its most populous and important city. And even though life here may not fully reflect the state of affairs in Russia in general, no one can wholeheartedly deny that nowadays Moscow is one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

However, its beauty is far from a recent occurrence, as you will learn from going on this tour. You will see many of the historical places and find out what is so peculiar about them. Delve into the mysteries of the Kremlin, investigate the famous rivalries of the Bolshoi Theater, and appreciate the great contrast between the very old and the totally new – both in terms of actual age and spirit.

No tour can be really luxurious without also serving as an introduction to Russia’s finest cuisine. The best restaurants of the Russian capital will be at your service, and you will discover many dishes you may have not even imagined existed before. But even if you are an experienced gourmet and Russian/Slavic food enjoyer, you will not be left disappointed, as we only book the very finest establishments for our guests.

Your stay will be very pleasant as well. The hotels we offer range from ultramodern ones to those located in historical buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite their age, though, there are all the modern necessities in each of them.

Come visit Moscow like very few people have seen it before!

Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 1
Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 2


Possessing the territory it does, it’s no wonder that Russia boasts many hundreds of animal species inhabiting it. And, as good news for all the hunters among you, a lot of them are common enough for you to be able to hunt them.

The huntable species in Russia include both small and big game. The most exciting activity, though, is without a doubt going after the king of the Russian forests, the brown bear. It is not a mission for the fain hunting world compares to the satisfaction you feel when you fell this huge beast.

On this luxury tour, you are at liberty to claim the meat of the animals you kill and for it to be served to you once you arrive at the hunting lodge to dine. Did you know that bear meat was widely considered to be the tsars’ food in the old days in Russia? Some people still cook it to this day, although we should remind you that this animal is haram, so you are obviously under no obligation to taste it.


St. Petersburg, founded by the first Russian emperor Peter the Great (although it is not named after him, as many people even in Russia think, but after his patron saint), used to be the capital of his empire until the Soviet times. It was built in a strategic spot from which Peter could control the nearby land in his war against Sweden.

As a result, the city is situated quite far to the north. Its location gives it a unique vibe that can be felt throughout the year.

However, St. Petersburg is at its best and most atmospheric during the second half of June when the night never comes, but instead the day turns into twilight and then back into day. This phenomenon is known as the white nights and is widely celebrated by the locals. No reason not to treat yourself with a holiday tour, then!

Although St. Petersburg is not the only Russian settlement where it can be observed, it is the largest one and more or less the only one capable of providing tourists with truly luxurious conditions as well as many attractions other than the nights themselves throughout. Coming here, you will enjoy all the magic the white nights have to offer and see the city in a truly marvellous light.

You will stay at Petersburg’s best hotels and best suites they have. The greatest restaurants and bars will be at your disposal whenever you need them. Our guides will show you the most famous sights of the city as well as the more obscure ones, about which generally only the locals know. Despite that, many of them are just as captivating as the world-renowned ones.

Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 3
Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 4


When Russia was appointed the host for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, many people were wary that the sports complexes that were to be built for it would prove useless after the event.

The city of Sochi and its vicinity, however, prove all the naysayers wrong even today. Its skiing resorts are the best in Russia, hands-down, and provide excellent service to all the lovers of active winter sports. Not only do they feature great lines, but also all-in-all perfect conditions for everyone who wants the extreme part of their vacation to remain on the mountain slopes and not in the hotels. While on our tour in Sochi, you can rest assured that no part of your stay will be ruined by any issues.

And if you get tired of skiing and snowboarding, why not try something hotter and go take a dip in the warm Black Sea? Normally, that would take quite a huge part out of your trip just to make such a transfer, but due to Sochi’s location, it won’t take long at all, and you can easily switch back and forth between swimming and skiing several times a day, if you so please.

Befitting your active schedule, you will be fed by the best cooks Sochi has to offer. It’s important to keep your diet full and healthy while you are pursuing athletic achievements – but don’t let that lead you into believing the food will be boring! It will be anything but – that is, tasty, filling, and refreshing.

If you want to also see some sights while you’re at it, the Sochi Dendrarium is a good option where you can observe exotic plants from all around the world.

Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 5


Have you ever witnessed one of the most majestic atmospheric phenomena in the world, the aurora borealis? If you have not, this is your opportunity! And if you have, you surely know just how incredible it is, so why not go see it once again?

Due to its geographical position, the Russian Federation is one of the countries that have access to this lightshow. Of course, you cannot see it everywhere in Russia’s territory, so this trip will take you north, to the city of Murmansk. Its name being derived from the word “norseman”, it once served as a trading ground between the Russians and the Norse. Nowadays, it is a port that is accessible throughout the year thanks to the warm currents of the region. In Russia, it’s affectionately known as the Fish Capital of the country – and indeed, a massive part of its fish procurement is based in Murmansk.

While there are several museums and theaters in Murmansk, its mostly brutalist architecture is not what draws tourists from the UAE here. It’s the Northern Lights. Come on this tour, and you will see them for yourself – and believe us when we tell you, it is an unforgettable experience.

Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 6

Additional activities include:

  • Snowmobile drive. If you want to occupy yourself with something during the day, a snowmobile trip looks like a perfect idea! Explore the snowy trails in the vicinity of Murmansk and see the beautiful winter nature.
  • Visit to an ethnic village. Learn how the most ancient people of this region, the Saami, have lived for thousands of years in harmony with the nature surrounding them. You will see their village that is built and run according to their traditions and observe their way of life.
  • Husky-pulled sleds. As you know, huskies are not just cute dogs, but also some of the fiercest and most robust sled-pullers. Now you will have the chance to experience their prowess first-hand. A perfect complement to the aurora observation, this activity will give you a good glimpse at the real north.


On this tour, you will travel to Eurasia’s northeastern part, the Kamchatka peninsula. Removed as far as possible from the largest spots of civilization such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kamchatka is the perfect place for romantically-inclined lovers of nature.

Its uniqueness makes it well worth visiting even if you have many feathers in your exotic traveling cap. Though Russia has a lot of land to accommodate all kinds of beauty, this peninsula is truly special even within it.

The biggest and most famous attraction of it is its volcanoes – enough to be featured on its flag. There are more than 300 volcanoes here, some two or three dozen of which are currently active. Their stern and awe-inspiring forms have secured them a place on the UNESCO list.

Come to Kamchatka, and you will see them in all their glory. You will observe the grandest of the volcanoes: Shiveluch, the largest of them as well as active, Koryaksky, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, and many others. You will look at them not only from down below, but also make an ascent guided by our team of professionals and look at the craters to truly capture the local beauty.

Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 7
Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 8

As a means of relaxation after a day of mountaineering, we offer you the most popular Russian traditional healthcare/entertainment combo – the Russian banya. It is a kind of wet sauna that is extremely good in Kamchatka’s cold climate. (Please note that people with heart conditions as well as certain other health concerns are advised to abstain from visiting the banya due to potential risks.)

For all the hunters out there, a tour to Kamchatka is also a great opportunity to score some of Russia’s biggest fauna. Here you will find bears, elk, and other animals. The cost of the tour includes your prey being cooked for you, should you so desire, as well as the preparation of one trophy.

Your flight will take you to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and it will become your base of operations for sightseeing, hunting, and other activities.


As a company that respects its customers, we always provide the best services to them. With luxury tours, we include even more benefits that will make your trip absolutely wondrous:

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Luxury Tours to Russia:<br>What to See and Do 10
  • You will have a personal driver and a guide. This way, you will be the one deciding where to go and what to see and when, without having to rely on other tourists or pre-written plans. The guide will give you advice on what sights will suit your interests the best.
  • Everything you do, see, eat, and participate in is personalized. Only you make the choice, and everybody else follows it.
  • Only the top-tier hotels and restaurants will be booked for you. Also, you can specify the suite you want to live in if you have such a preference.
  • Your visits to museums, exhibitions, etc. will be scheduled so that you can enjoy the expositions without suffering crowds – even up to your visits being private.
  • VIP transfer services – you will travel with great comfort to and from the airport as well as everywhere else.
  • VIP restaurants and bars bookings.

If that does sound like your kind of trip, don’t hesitate to contact us in any way you want, and we will tell you all about Russian luxury tours and help you choose the best one for you!

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